Make you tired muscles loose

Show what you've got

Endurance, strength and flexibility are quickly lost in everyday office life. So don't just use the time at the Schloss Reinach wellness hotel for deep relaxation, but show what you're made of. Our modern fitness room is equipped with equipment from the high-quality manufacturer Life Fitness. The innovative products have been an important part of fitness studios since the 1960s.


Our Equipment

The following equipment is available to you around the clock in our fitness room


  •     Exercise bike
  •     Cross trainer
  •     Treadmill
  •     Leg press for thighs and glutes
  •     Combination device for chest, shoulder and arm muscles
  •     Combination device for back, shoulder and neck muscles
  •     Combination equipment tower with cables and bars for all muscle groups


Floor mats and large pezzi balls are also available. On request from the wellness staff, you can also get small dumbbells from 0.5 to 5 kg, terrace bands, tubes, black rolls and many other auxiliary devices to get rid of excess energy.