Schloss Reinach
Hotel culture in southern Baden

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Our Hotel Schloss Reinach is located in the heart of the Breisgau, at the gates of Freiburg! Around 100 comfortably designed, generously equipped rooms and suites await celebration guests, sporty holidaymakers and those looking for peace and quiet, as well as business travelers in the sunniest region in Baden Württemberg.

Thanks to the tasteful ambience, the idyllic location in beautiful Baden and the simultaneous proximity to the historic city of Freiburg, you will feel at home in and around Schloss Reinach - throughout your stay.

Guest areas


With the Regional, the Cross-over and the Vivothek you will be spoiled with culinary delights in three 3 restaurants. All restaurants have spacious outdoor terraces. There are events and concerts held regularly in the rustic Zehntkeller.


A historic estate

Next to the moated castle, which was destroyed in the Thirty Years' War, the estate, which is now known as the Hotel Schloss Reinach, was built. Even if the ravages of time gnawed at it - among other things, it burned down almost to the foundation walls in 1870 - the property was fully in operation until 1969 as one of the largest estates in the region.

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