additional tu your conference

additional equipment

If it's not enough

You are welcome to expand our standard equipment individually and according to your wishes:

Our standard technology includes:

  • Beamer and screen
  • a flipchart
  • a pin board
  • writing pads and pens on the tables

You can find out additional options below.

additional equipment

our offer

As an extension to our standard equipment, we offer the following options:

Anything beyond that can be booked with an external service provider, whom we would also be happy to recommend.

our extension possibilities

à 15,00 €
pin board
à 15,00 €
presentation case
à 30,00 €
à 50,00 €
sound system
à 250,00 €
conference telephone
à 40,00 €
à 50,00 €
stage elements
à 30,00 €
more on request