From the historic estate to the special hotel culture

A historical estate

Next to the moated castle, which was destroyed in the Thirty Years' War, the estate, which is now known as the Hotel Schloss Reinach, was built. Even if the ravages of time gnawed at it - among other things, it burned down almost to the foundation walls in 1870 - the property was fully in operation until 1969 as one of the largest estates in the region.

In 1991 the entire property was restored and reopened as a wonderful hotel complex in 1993 - modern art combined with historical gems.

After the hotel passed into the ownership of Beatrix and René Gessler in 2007 and was subsequently completely redesigned, the "new" Hotel Schloss Reinach opened on June 5th, 2008 with a festive gala evening. Since then, it has enriched the area with a hotel culture that is characterized by diversity and quality.

Historical facts in numbers

before 1626

In the Thirty Years War: edification


The estate passes into the ownership of Baron Beat Melchior von Reinach


The estate burns down almost completely

Until 1969

In operation as an estate




First opening as hotel

July 2007

The family Gessler buys the bankrupt hotel

June 2008

Opening of the "new" Schloss Reinach


Completion of the new wellness area


Completion of the hotel extension (+ 20% room capacity) with pool


Completion of the Black Forest Lodge on Feldberg in Altglashütten

2018 - 2020

Continuous renovation of the rooms in the old building


New opening of the two renovated restaurants Regional and Cross-over in the hotel complex


Renovation and redesign of the conference rooms and completion of the renovation of the attic rooms

October 2021

Opening of Hotel Stadt Lörrach and founding of the Gessler-Collection.


Construction of 18 more Lodges in neighbours building, a 16 meter long infinity pool,2 in and outdoor gyms and massage rooms.


Completion of the Lodge extension. Renovation of the Zehntkeller. Extension with a Loft-Vacation Aaartment.