S Badische Wirtshus

Culinary treats in a typically Baden setting

Those who like regional specialities are certain to enjoy themselves at Schloss Reinach. Treat yourself to a meal at the s Badische Wirtshus restaurant, whether it is a tasty snack, finely braised game, a light fish speciality, or the flavoursome and hearty menu. Chef-de-Cuisine René Büscher consistently prioritises the use of fresh produce which is almost always of regional origin.

The attentive service team led by restaurant manager Adriano Personé will also be pleased to serve you a good drop of Baden wine or a draught beer fresh from the barrel. Be sure to have a pleasant time in the classy atmosphere of our s Badische Wirtshus restaurant.

Opening hours:

January until April
tuesdays, thursdays and fridays from 17.30 - 21.30 hrs
mondays, saturdays and sundays from 12.00 - 14.00 and 18.00 - 21.30 hrs
on wednesdays the restaurant is closed.

daily from 12.00 – 14.00 and 18.00 – 22.00 hrs
on Wednesdays the restaurant is closed.

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