Wellness applications

For smooth and supple skin

Our wellness applications replenish the natural moisture of your skin, provide it with essential nutrients, and thereby return it to equilibrium.

Sea salt or sugar peelings with aromatic oil (20 minutes) 35,00 €
Rose salt peeling (20 minutes)

Full body peeling with rose oil, sea salt and rose petals.

38,00 €
Evening primrose oil peeling (20 minutes)

A special peeling for allergy sufferers (neurodermatitis, psoriasis, etc.); fragrance-free and very calming.

40,00 €
Cleopatra pack (25 minutes)

With mare's milk and royal jelly - highly moisturising.

35,00 €
Evening primrose oil crème pack (25 minutes)

Balancing and replenishing, cell-stimulating; a special pack for allergy-sufferers (neurodermatitis, psoriasis etc.) - fragrance-free and highly calming.

40,00 €
Thalasso pack (25 minutes)

Pure French sea algae make the skin more supple, remove toxins, and boost the metabolism. The skin and body are supplied with valuable trace elements, vitamins and minerals.

40,00 €

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