26. October 2023
Their instruments also work without electricity and musical perfection is, according to the band, neither strived for nor prescribed.
Instead, "Augustinum" relies on the best entertainment and always little anecdotes to catch your breath, which ensure that what is played and sung can also "sit down" in peace with the audience.
After all, here one dedicates oneself musically to the pitfalls of life.
The name "Augustinum" clearly refers to the well-known institution for elderly contemporaries and at the same time stands for the proud confession of the Staufen musicians to their considerable life experience.
By the way, all four of them can sing!
They are indeed the "Alemannic answer to the Buena Vista Social Club".
And that is known to be cult!

Entry 7.30 p.m.

Start 8.00 p.m.

€ 10,00 send enquiry